Corporate Uniforms

A corporate uniform is all the rage as it is believed that it stands as the quintessence of the brand. It augments the brand’s image and distinguishes your staff members whilst the crowd. The work uniforms exemplify company’s professionalism and it is vital to establish a good impression of your brand in customer’s mind. The customers often recognize and relate to the brand by its uniform. Thus, right uniforms create a positive impact pertaining to the brand among the customers. A right corporate apparel is the one that stands by the virtues of your business and gives a competitive edge. Furthermore, well-designed uniform not just creates a positive impression of your brand, but it also keeps your employees comforted and motivated.  This is where you’d need our expertise. With Tailor Smiths, you can rest assured that your corporate uniform will help your staff stand out from others.

We manufacture high-end corporate uniforms for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, courier company, banks, organizations and big brands. Our team of apparel designers and production staff work together to create masterpieces that cater to the needs of the clients and represent their business in the best possible way. The apparel designers understand your organizational culture and symbol to create uniform designs that associates with your brand’s color or logo. Our production staff then fabricates the uniform by utilizing high-quality materials, innovative technologies and sophisticated machines.

We manufacture an array of corporate wears including pants, shirts, polo, t-shirt, tunics, trousers, pants, salwar, kurta, leggings, blazers, sweater, sweatshirt and accessories like a tie, belt, scarfs, and bag catering to the needs of the business. All the professional uniforms are fabricated using top-notch quality materials so that they are uber-durable. We take care of the fit, design and comfort factor of each uniform so that your staff looks smart and feels comfortable at the same time. We pay heed to the needs of the business and design the uniforms accordingly.

You can choose from the standard designs or customize the uniform for your organization. You may choose the color, pattern, size, material, and design of the staff uniforms according to your company’s needs. Our staff members offer services from initial design, sample making to the fabrication of the final products. You can even contact us if you have limited timelines. With more than 450 machines, we have an impressive production rate of 5000 uniforms per day. So, you can be assured of top-notch quality services within limited timeline and at a rational cost.