Hotel & Restaurant Uniforms

If high-quality, functional and professionally designed uniforms are your prime concerns, then glance at our hotel and restaurant uniforms offerings and choose the uniform that caters to your needs.  You can also order for custom-made hotel and restaurant uniforms.

The hotel and restaurant is an ever-rising industry over the past few decades. A uniform plays a vital role in the industry as it stands as the quintessence of your brand and depicts your professionalism. A well-designed uniform makes your staff look smart thereby creating a good first impression on the customers. Furthermore, if the uniform has a perfect fit, then that will facilitate your staff to move freely and to focus on their mundane duties with ease. In this way, a well-designed uniform enhances your staff’s efficiency and elevates your business.

Tailor Smiths is one of the chief hotel uniforms manufacturers known to offer superior quality hotel and restaurant uniforms for different hotel staff including waiter, room attendant, chef, housekeeping staff, bell boy, buttler, and manager. We have an array of readymade designs so you can easily choose the one that meets your requirements. We even offer the option of customization whereby you can choose the size, shape, material, color, pattern, and design of the uniform.

We at Tailor Smiths know the significance of uniforms for your business and make sure to craft them with sheer professionalism. We pay heed to every single detail such as comfort factor, design, attractiveness and fitting of the dress while crafting the uniforms. Our in-house team of apparel designer and production staff work closely to comprehend customer’s needs and to offer designs that are most suitable for your brand. We make use of robust machines and sophisticated technologies to deliver high-quality uniforms in a jiffy. You can bank on us even when you have strict deadlines as we have an impressive capacity of producing 5000 uniforms a day.